Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bob East Speaks this past week on behalf of the Downtown Partnership during the press release & tour of the commercial building on 315 Main which is to be renovated into mixed use loft apartments in the upper levels & a jazz bar on the lower level.  The investor in the project is Scott Reed working along with the State department of Arkansas Heritage who assisted in   the application for grants to assist in the restoration of the Historic Structure.

613 E 16th Wk 8

Week 8 includes refinishing the hardwoods and choosing the stain colors. Progress has slowed slightly waiting on AT&T to place a pole in the ally so that permanent power can be set to the property. Click on the picture to see more pics.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pettaway Welcomes The Scott's

Today Quincy and Stephanie Scott joined the Pettaway Community through the purchase of their first home at 1519 Commerce. Mr. and Mrs. Scott are the proud owners of the first UA Design Build home. We look forward to getting to know them better, so be sure to give them a warm welcome to the neighborhood.

Pettaway Welcomes Ne'Nita Clayborn

Today, Ne'Nita joined the Pettaway Community with the purchase of her first home at 1517 Commerce St. On behalf of the board of directors for the CDC, we would like to say congratulations and welcome to the community.

613 E16th Wk 7

Progress slows slightly at the CDC's first rehab as detail work goes into the inside at the beginning of week 7.

Friday, September 3, 2010

613 E16th Wk 6

Week 6 began yesterday, with installation of beautiful unfinished pine hardwoods, interior trim work. Still waiting on AT&T to come out and place a pole they are responsible for in the back of the property so we can hook up power, and begin the finish work. Click on the picture to see more pics.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Visit By ARNETTMULDROW & Associates

Ben Muldrow with ARNETTMULDROW & Associates from Greenville, SC visited Little Rock today. Mr. Muldrow has worked with local preservationists in the past as well as the Department of Heritage. His firm developed the successful Arkansas Delta: Soil & Soul branding and marketing program and came out of his way from a visit to Mississippi to spend a day engaging the community. He, along with Beth Wiedower met with several city officials and organizations involved in downtown to help open discussions for branding & marketing opportunities for the city. The purpose is best described in a statement by Mr Muldrwo in an article he co-authored which stated "Every single day, citizens, visitors, workers, and tourists brand communities, whether rural or urban, based on their experience and interaction with the community and its assets. If the community does not brand and market itself, others will do it for them . . . and, perhaps, without the best intentions.

Thanks to Cheri Nichols and the Heart of the City Coalition and the Quapaw Quarter Association for helping to make this visit happen. For more information on ARNETTMULDROW & Associates, you can go to