Thursday, September 2, 2010

Visit By ARNETTMULDROW & Associates

Ben Muldrow with ARNETTMULDROW & Associates from Greenville, SC visited Little Rock today. Mr. Muldrow has worked with local preservationists in the past as well as the Department of Heritage. His firm developed the successful Arkansas Delta: Soil & Soul branding and marketing program and came out of his way from a visit to Mississippi to spend a day engaging the community. He, along with Beth Wiedower met with several city officials and organizations involved in downtown to help open discussions for branding & marketing opportunities for the city. The purpose is best described in a statement by Mr Muldrwo in an article he co-authored which stated "Every single day, citizens, visitors, workers, and tourists brand communities, whether rural or urban, based on their experience and interaction with the community and its assets. If the community does not brand and market itself, others will do it for them . . . and, perhaps, without the best intentions.

Thanks to Cheri Nichols and the Heart of the City Coalition and the Quapaw Quarter Association for helping to make this visit happen. For more information on ARNETTMULDROW & Associates, you can go to

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