Wednesday, May 28, 2014

UA Design Build Landed

Thanks to everyone involved that made yesterday a huge success. Historic Pettaway's first Cantilever House (AND POSSIBLY LITTLE ROCKS, DESIGNED IN SUCH A WAY). thanks to the Students and staff of the Fay Jones School of Architecture in Fayetteville for such a beautiful addition to the neighborhood. Also special thanks to Entergy, Joyce Cranes, Nabholz Const., Larry's Pizza, City of Little Rock (Maggie Hawkins-21st St. Alert Center- for expediting a much needed permit that was overlooked!) and everyone involved who helped make it happen. Special thanks to Bobby Bemberg, owner/operator of Bemberg Iron Works, Inc.. A 120 year old family owned Iron works company off East Ninth St. who took the time to mill critical pieces of iron work needed to anchor the Cantilever! Thank you!
Also, special thanks to the Crane operator and workers of Joyce Crane, who stuck around so late, and so eloquently placed these units together-WORK OF ART!
And to the guys with Entergy who stuck around to help get our neighbors power on, who were so patient and understanding while waiting thru the delays. What wonderful people that live in the neighborhood, and a testament to why this area is rebounding so well!
Thanks to Ark/Dem Gazette, Ark Times, Ch.4, Ch.11 and all other media partners who share this to the greater community!
Last and most important- Thanks to Centennial Bank for being our Partner in these exciting projects that are revitalizing the downtown neighborhoods, and helping us to achieve our Mission of Improving the Quality of Life for individuals residing in this neighborhood. Thanks Damita!
Be sure to go by and check it out! Just go to the Arts Center at MacArthur Park and take a nice leisurely drive south down Commerce. You won't miss it!